No Layups - Texans win!!! Texans Jags recap

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ABC13 Houston

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What did you think of the Texans victory over the Jags? Did you like Romeo Crennel in charge?
Raheel is on assignment, but Sean Salisbury joins the show to talk all things Texans and the guys will get into the Astros in the ALCS....

Kenny Johnson
Kenny Johnson Muaj më parë
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Toy Vehicles
Toy Vehicles Muaj më parë
🙏🙏🙏 who same me , me watching now who now watching
Sheryl Dalton
Sheryl Dalton Muaj më parë
who cares about all these overpaid ball diddlers sermonizing to us about our social morals?
Candy Martin
Candy Martin Muaj më parë
Figures Texans didn't do shit until O'Brien left. 🙄 Maybe it was planned that way? Get rid of the white man so they could bump home boy up?? Hmm...🤔
Brenda M
Brenda M Muaj më parë
Enjoyed the win.
Rodriguez94 Muaj më parë
No one cares about Football its become political and people are more interested in the presidential election
Rodriguez94 Muaj më parë
@Juan Sanchez triggered much
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez Muaj më parë
So people dont watch football because it’s political yet you claim they’re watching actual politics instead 😂
Candy Martin
Candy Martin Muaj më parë
Seriously, only game I watched was with Brady and the Bucs.
Mitchell May
Mitchell May Muaj më parë
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