High speed chase suspects crash into innocent family in Dodge Charger

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ABC13 Houston

2 muaj më parë

Watch SkyEye video of a police chase that ended when the suspects crashed into an innocent family's car.
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john westor
john westor Ditë më parë
how bout that the charger is not at fault holy cow
Ludi Escanlar
Ludi Escanlar Ditë më parë
Running from the laws. They don't want go back to Mexico.
Vitor Carneiro Tonera
Vitor Carneiro Tonera 2 ditë më parë
“High speed”
andres torres
andres torres 2 ditë më parë
Atleast he turned his hazards on after the crash
David R. Walsh
David R. Walsh 2 ditë më parë
You know, I hate police violence and savagery but these cops were so ineffectual and passive. Imagine letting this guy be reckless and dangerous instead of ramming him. Several chances, but I guess the budget doesn't cover wrecked police cars. They would rather do keystone cops than keep the community safe. Makes better coverage for the network. Pit maneuver, shortly.
Pierre Bibeau
Pierre Bibeau 2 ditë më parë
When pursuits take too long, the percentage of accidents/injuries gets higher. Just do it ASAP! Period.
LAOM Ditë më parë
Just do what ASAP? I hope you don’t mean stopping the driver because that’s what they are doing
Very Opinionated
Very Opinionated 4 ditë më parë
So who pays for the charger?
Doug Heffernan
Doug Heffernan 5 ditë më parë
Incredible, craziest thing I ever saw. Wow. I'm just in awe. Did y'all see the gas prices at 4:06??
LAOM Ditë më parë
I am Human
I am Human 5 ditë më parë
Lindbergh Mckenzie
Lindbergh Mckenzie 6 ditë më parë
Good job officers
itzzHanz 6 ditë më parë
thats not a dodge charger but ok
phil erup
phil erup 7 ditë më parë
Two police helicopters going in the wrong direction!! @ 1:38
123ABCCBA321drome 7 ditë më parë
it seems the police would have learned the lesson when they first drove on the proper side of the road when the perp drove on the wrong side and got away !!
David Stumblebuck
David Stumblebuck 7 ditë më parë
Ill never understand it, what outcome does he think there will be ? /sigh
Chrispybattyone 8 ditë më parë
On-ramp translates to feeder road in Texas
Matthew CNC Sutton
Matthew CNC Sutton 8 ditë më parë
Why do they always say the driver is going in the wrong direction? Like they know where the fuck he is heading. Unreal!
JOHN XIE 8 ditë më parë
My car got stolen and the police didn’t do anything until it’s burned out on the road side.
JOHN XIE 3 ditë më parë
@Wave Rider86 nobody. I only had liability insurance. On top of that, I had to hire a towing truck to get MY car off the shoulder.
Wave Rider86
Wave Rider86 4 ditë më parë
Who payed for the damage?
Sid Sed
Sid Sed 8 ditë më parë
I think these are live practicing sessions for cops, or they are just having fun,,otherwise they must fine suspects on car chase as $100 /km on the run!
Cyberdactyl 9 ditë më parë
He turned a couple months in jail into several years of orange jammies and cheap shower shoes once he hit the family.
DREAMA 9 ditë më parë
I do not support these long chases. There is no reason to continue chase when w each distanced traveled thete is that many more innocent luves being put at risk. The vehicle is a deadly weapon. Unless there is some good reason like a hostage. Which you get your marksman out there ahead of him when u can (freeway) and take the driver out use spikes. Take it out from the sky, ram his ass. SOMETHING!
david czapla
david czapla 9 ditë më parë
God damn incompetent cops!
Charles Terrebonne
Charles Terrebonne 11 ditë më parë
$1.62 a gallon for fuel Nice Here in crapafornia its over $3 a gallon
Dieter Hoffmann
Dieter Hoffmann 11 ditë më parë
Ein Paradebeispiel für Inkompetenz!
Jamesgk 101
Jamesgk 101 12 ditë më parë
Why, may I ask, do they continue to chase someone until they crash, when as in this case , there is not only the news helicopter but she says 2 police helicopters also following him ? I say the police are near incompetent in their actions.
DarkFocust 12 ditë më parë
note to self, drive by airport if you need to lose choppers
Sue Tolfa
Sue Tolfa 13 ditë më parë
Bad boy, bad boy, wait till they catch up to you. Your ass is there's..
C AZEVEDO 14 ditë më parë
the right penalty for those guys: DEATH !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sellm_bc_ar White
Sellm_bc_ar White 15 ditë më parë
Best reporter ever in the chopper.
Jim Chiro
Jim Chiro 15 ditë më parë
You guys suck the police and the news.
Donald Tyrell
Donald Tyrell 15 ditë më parë
WTF! I don't understand why the police did not stop that guy earlier? They had all kinds of opportunity, or do they want to see how far they can push the chase making a lot of innocent lives at risk, like the ones in the Dodge Challenger.
Phung Ngo
Phung Ngo 15 ditë më parë
30 &20 years in jail at least for driver &passenger?
B P 15 ditë më parë
もっと早くぶつけて止めろよ! 何度もチャンスがあっただろ。市民を巻き込む前に止めろ! 無能な警察。
James Rooney
James Rooney 17 ditë më parë
Tannis Power
Tannis Power 18 ditë më parë
At the risk of sounding cruel, brash, cold-hearted, callous, (whatever other descriptive words you chose to insert here) . . . . shoot the freaking low-lifes! Quit wasting taxpayers dollars! That is what it all amounts to. It costs the taxpayers, all the money to fund the police department, insurance companies, court fees, jail time, even the useless rehabilitation, it all boils down to the working people paying for the criminals, in more ways than one.
Brian S/ブライアン
Brian S/ブライアン 19 ditë më parë
ANtifa sucks
Chris p
Chris p 19 ditë më parë
could tell this was texas immediately by the horrific traffic system layout in the first 30 seconds
Hardline 19 ditë më parë
when driver and passengers are caught why not show their photo of them ....
GLO Cyclone
GLO Cyclone 20 ditë më parë
Dodge Charger thats a Chrysler 300
Mike H
Mike H 20 ditë më parë
EXACTLY why the "follow" method is not only ineffective, but DANGEROUS. There were *_MANY_* opportunities to pit this jack wad but the pussified policies that keep cops from doing their JOBS are responsible for this crash !! Loony lefties are so worried that the driver might get hurt, but are unable to look at what *_COULD_* happen just down the road.
SID 20 ditë më parë
Crims REALLY need to learn how to PIT a cop car.
Virgie Bofetiado
Virgie Bofetiado 20 ditë më parë
Why take that long to stop that idiot ... not until an innocent family will die or get hurt?????
Aussie Andy
Aussie Andy 21 ditë më parë
Slow speed chase ... change the title .....
TrashPanda Raccoon
TrashPanda Raccoon 21 ditë më parë
So how do these guys figure they can outrun a helicopter?
janushann j
janushann j 4 ditë më parë
dont see why these guys try to run in shitbox cars😭😭😭😭
Matthew CNC Sutton
Matthew CNC Sutton 8 ditë më parë
Because they have an 18% chance of getting away. Duh
Pack Discipline
Pack Discipline 9 ditë më parë
Well in all fairness it has happened before, however a pickup isn't going to do that unless they can somehow hide
Endirr Wiggins
Endirr Wiggins 13 ditë më parë
TrashPanda Raccoon All of them, that get caught.
Jim Stuber
Jim Stuber 21 ditë më parë
Shoot to kill
Du Du
Du Du 21 ditë më parë
Why people are so stupid
Viji Coorg
Viji Coorg 23 ditë më parë
Super driving 🚘 police 🏃😄😄😄😄😄😄
Eye In The Sky
Eye In The Sky 23 ditë më parë
Morons who run from cops deserve automatic 10 years first offence for endangering public and authorities.
Frank Hohmann
Frank Hohmann 23 ditë më parë
exciting this is the new trend if your going to go to jail why not have alittle fun before you go
Frank Hohmann
Frank Hohmann 23 ditë më parë
every poilce dept should have a bang up car just to bump people like this off the road rather then letting them hurt innocent people in a 25 minute chase thru town
Frank Hohmann
Frank Hohmann 23 ditë më parë
too funny 25 minute video weak police dept with caveman tech
The Burton Family
The Burton Family 23 ditë më parë
This man using his turning signal
Starrider Kittykat
Starrider Kittykat 24 ditë më parë
23:56 They did the cops job..sad they got hurt though.
Frank Aguilar
Frank Aguilar 26 ditë më parë
Sandi B
Sandi B 26 ditë më parë
R & S
R & S 26 ditë më parë
Bob: "Hey Joe, what did you do Sunday." Joe: "Oh, me, a buddy, and some cop friends of mine took a leisurely Sunday afternoon drive around town."
sloppy dog
sloppy dog 27 ditë më parë
Total Bull Shit they had several opportunities for a Pit Stop nothing happened till he hit another vechile ..
Jessica Loveless
Jessica Loveless 27 ditë më parë
There is always a damn tree in the way 💁
John Kahts
John Kahts 28 ditë më parë
@John Kahts, too boot it will save lives and more.
John Kahts
John Kahts 28 ditë më parë
I can not understand this gutless police force in the states. If they are so gutless every Dick Tom and Harry will keep running from them. If I can offer a solution this whole waste of taxpayers money could be avoided by putting a .22 bullet through the radiator at the first opportunity. No engine can run very far without coolant.
MostHated818 29 ditë më parë
Of course, a mustang
RAJ BANERJEE 29 ditë më parë
chasing like a fool. Police is secondarily responsible for this mi-shave. While they have helicopter then no need of chasing from back, just look for final destination and then take necessary action there. No need of this type of drama/show. What the police department want to show, they are more expert drivers and they have more penitence ?
RAJ BANERJEE 21 ditë më parë
@Chris84Redfield ok then continue your favourite practice. No problem of casualties of common innocent people for chasing like a super star for capturing one rough, careless culprit.
RAJ BANERJEE 29 ditë më parë
@Chris84Redfield try to understand what I have tried to mean. But one can't take any theory/process in which there is maximum chance of casualties of normal innocent people. One can't drive a fire brigade vehicle in such a way that on the way saving lives killing more lives.
Chris84Redfield 29 ditë më parë
Oh yeah sure, then they jump from the helicopter and arrest the suspect?
John Obremski
John Obremski Muaj më parë
well??? who was it..why they do it ???
Charles Hedges
Charles Hedges Muaj më parë
GLEN ABSOLUM Muaj më parë
don't know why people run from the police , they never get away ...it's ridiculous
Colin Levasseur
Colin Levasseur Muaj më parë
Looks like he is trying to leave California because of Democrats and ridiculous taxes.
Dan Krohn
Dan Krohn Muaj më parë
lucky day for that tow truck driver....that's a quick response...
FROY Muaj më parë
is this cop trying to catch him? or is he just driving behind watching him do shit?
dần Phạm gia
dần Phạm gia Muaj më parë
Xem 29/10/2020
Jay Muaj më parë
@ 10:45 the passenger flips off the helicopter
Jason O
Jason O Muaj më parë
Lead vehicle had several chances to maneuver to stop vehicle. Lead vehicle is a pussy. Or just a dumbass they hired. Go back to being a security guard or loss prevention at walmart.
Omar Zowila
Omar Zowila Muaj më parë
This early model GMC Sierra looks to be repairable after it just got into a crash with the Dodge Charger but I am pretty sure that the people in the Charger are okay
Allen Jackson
Allen Jackson Muaj më parë
California is the pursuit capitol of America. It's a result of too many looney tunes living in the state and lack of our politicians ability to deal with the really important issues. The state's highway's are unsafe. The California Highway Patrol is under staffed, over worked, and under payed. The state's governor, Gavin Newsom, who is over paid and under worked, thinks making law abiding citizens criminals will make California safe. Did I mention he is Nancy Pelosi's nephew? His exitance as governor is a result of the citizens not caring and not voting to prevent idiot politicians from ruining a state like California.
Raymond L
Raymond L Muaj më parë
What is the point of this chase? It's a work truck, cops can find it anytime. Were they murderers, child kidnappers? Not worth it for a stolen vehicle. smh
Sky_stider223 Muaj më parë
Good god Thankfully it wasn’t a head on T bone hit Otherwise.... Just thank god lol
E-DOGG 310
E-DOGG 310 Muaj më parë
They need to send those officers to retrain on police chases, they are a bunch of idiots they're going to avoid this crash
glenn kometscher
glenn kometscher Muaj më parë
OK KARREN your perfect???? FU
Blaine Jenkins
Blaine Jenkins Muaj më parë
what else should they have done Mr. Expert
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Muaj më parë
Tienen miedo las niñas
Vern Hibbard
Vern Hibbard Muaj më parë
... for safety, he had his four way flashers on. Good for him!!!
Vern Hibbard
Vern Hibbard Muaj më parë
When moronic idiots like this have total disregard for the law and public safety, just pull up alongside and shoot at will. This will end any danger now, and forever more!! People who act like this have ZERO RIGHTS!!!!! Those two are lucky to be alive.
zurdo Muaj më parë
inmature and criminal behavior. Lock him up forever.
Lo González
Lo González Muaj më parë
Como Cresen el árbol de pajuil
P Wilson
P Wilson Muaj më parë
Obviously the punishment is not sufficient to deter this conduct. They endanger our lives and get a slap on the wrist. Yes, he crashed into innocent people and the police had plenty of opportunities to pit the SOB.
Sadie Wolfschmitz
Sadie Wolfschmitz Muaj më parë
One simple set of spikes deployed could of ended this pursuit immediately ..Or a simple pit maneuver There were multiple upon multiple times they could of pitted him. Very surprised Houston PD Does not utilize these options.
Debbie Cooper
Debbie Cooper Muaj më parë
Needs go to jail .
Jorge procel
Jorge procel Muaj më parë
JOHN REAVES Muaj më parë
HEY.............DUDE....................WERE DFUK YOU GOIN!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bilen M
Bilen M Muaj më parë
“Person is a male” no kidding
The Bushwacker
The Bushwacker Muaj më parë
Great narrator. Unlike all the others where they babble for 2 hours about things they don't know.
Paul Rippy
Paul Rippy Muaj më parë
Anybody who’s lost loved ones from a car chase can thank the writer of the laws that prevent cops from doing more. Who wrote those laws? It’s public record!! JOE BIDEN!!!
Waraila wildrunner
Waraila wildrunner 8 ditë më parë
And what do you expect the police to actually do in a chase? They are permitted to use stinger etc, but the issue is they have to get in front of the chase to deploy them, in the US they are permitted to PITT (not allowed in the UK for obvious reasons), however this means they have to have precision driving to hit in the right place, and what if it goes wrong? The car could simply hit a pedestrian or other car. They can't shoot at the car mid chase, all hollywood movies aside, stray bullets would be a massive issue. They can't deliberately crash into the suspect, that could end badly for them, and a police officer should not be expected to act as recklessly as the suspect. All in all, the risks have to be weighed, and there are simply limits to what police can do in a chase. If they do something and some innocent is killed then they get the blame, for either continuing the chase, or tracking the chase. It's a classic catch 22 situation.
Lynne Marie Crisp
Lynne Marie Crisp Muaj më parë
Did these idiots think they'd get away? Did u enjoy your little joyride? Now enjoy prison life. They must of wanted it awful bad to spend their sordid lives in prison
Hammerlane Transport Lines
Hammerlane Transport Lines Muaj më parë
everybody in the comments section calling it a dodge sound get 10 years alone just for that....
Hammerlane Transport Lines
Hammerlane Transport Lines Muaj më parë
slowest police chase involving the breakdown lane ever. the problem was he used his turn signals, if he didn't use them he would have duped the cops and gotten away....
Vincent Jansson
Vincent Jansson Muaj më parë
How big of an idiot do you have to be to try and outrun the police with a vehicle like that...? It's just so stupid.
Dropped Boez
Dropped Boez Muaj më parë
Too much chrome on that dodge, thats what probably blinded him!
Hammerlane Transport Lines
Hammerlane Transport Lines Muaj më parë
you mean Ford
Jack C
Jack C Muaj më parë
@ 1:39, Did she really just say “two police helicopters going in the wrong direction”? How does a helicopter go in the wrong direction, exactly?
Carlos Castillo
Carlos Castillo Muaj më parë
Deberían de disparar a las llantas para q no sé garantiza en marcha ese maniático . Y ojalá de den 200 anos de cárcel por poner en peligro a todos
Canadian Kevin Videos
Canadian Kevin Videos Muaj më parë
Seem whole united states turning into gangsters crime and coward s like this Unfortunately to dangerous police chase take to long get suspect s uncceptable other driver incoming or going on there day don't know this going on could get hurt or death need improvement quick as possible stop these hazard crashes over police a nuff is nuff just shoot his tired or him lol 😅look suspect go wow crazy no point depending on anything pathetic I guess cop wait for crash happened haha what joke
MGTOW RULES Muaj më parë
Damn i thought it was 2 white guys........C'mon man
Kevin Perkins
Kevin Perkins Muaj më parë
The cops put innocent lives at risk, how stupid . They should have backed off and let the helicopter do the tracking and then close in on the suspect
Tim Lindenman
Tim Lindenman Muaj më parë
thegrandfinale2 Muaj më parë
The penalty for leading police on a pursuit should be: 10 years mandatory minimum + 1 year for each minute of the chase + 1 year for each mile of the chase + 1 year for each traffic infraction + 5 years for each instance of property damage + 10 years for each minor injury + 20 years for each major injury, and if any deaths, life without parole in solitary confinement.
Kenneth Kirkham
Kenneth Kirkham 20 orë më parë
Once they run the vehicle is a weapon and at a minimum attempted murder. At that point police should be able to shoot the criminals...dead.
Mr. CarCrash
Mr. CarCrash 7 ditë më parë
If you want to watch interesting car accidents, you can check my channel.. alnets.info/work/f82nl8CyvmSQ0Wk/video.html
Waraila wildrunner
Waraila wildrunner 7 ditë më parë
@Starrider Kittykat eh?
Starrider Kittykat
Starrider Kittykat 7 ditë më parë
Can you run for district attorney???Please...
Waraila wildrunner
Waraila wildrunner 8 ditë më parë
@jinuit30 Here is the thing... if prisoners can do the work for peanuts... why pay you the going rate to do it.
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