Here's a recap of the news for Sunday, Oct. 25

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ABC13 Houston

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This is the news made for you and your post-7 a.m. alarm!

Rajuncajun281 Muaj më parë
SW and SE houston are modern day Favelas
JuniorMorin72 Muaj më parë
As for the story about the the police pursuit that ended in a fatality, you reap what you sow. Be a law abiding citizen and stay out of trouble and you will fare fine.
Timothy McNulty
Timothy McNulty Muaj më parë
Hello, I have Your medicine. Our Constitution of the United States of America makes every United Statesman equal to Kings and Queens of other Nations. That's why Deep State, Illuminati, Bilderburg Group and many more want to destroy it. Read Our Constitution. PATRIOT UP President Trump put an end to the unconstitutional Constitution of 1872 that Our 3 branches of government operated under, most of You didn't know it existed. That's what "Returning the power to the people" means when Donald says it... READ the Citizen's Rule Book. Our Constitution is the Law of the land. Get to know it the way an adult should. Be the capitalist loving Kings and Queens our documents make ALL of You to be. PATRIOT UP RESEARCH the Politicians and Judges You want to represent You and show up on election day and vote. You Pick Your Judges, be the Kings and Queens You're supposed to be.. PATRIOT UP REMEMBER Only You Can Prevent A Libtard-Nation From Happening Around You. For once in Your lives RESEARCH politicians and judges before electing them. PATRIOT UP Your Electoral Collegiate needs to count Your vote in Your county and report the winner of the election ((in Your county)) to Washington DC. Only You Can Over Ride Your Vote When You Don't Vote. ANYONE can visit the White House website and learn about the great things President Trump has accomplished since January 2017. Don't be shy. We The People need Your support to keep President Trump in office after the recent events of corruption announced. Our corrupt FBI needs reformed and Biden won't do it... Hunter Biden's Laptop Matters, Our corrupt FBI has sat on evidence since April 2019. Evidence proving Pedophilia, Money Laundering Schedule, child sex trafficking. Biden's are sick disgusting people. A vote for Joe Biden supports that. DON'T DO IT ! ! ! Say NO to Joe Biden Crime Family.
Deljai Nichols
Deljai Nichols Muaj më parë
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The Hardest Video I've Had To Make
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