Houston recognizes Indigenous Peoples Day today

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ABC13 Houston

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The city council voted last month to recognize the holiday today, in addition to Columbus Day, but the decision was highly debated.
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Kenny Johnson
Kenny Johnson Muaj më parë
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sunnmann sunnman
sunnmann sunnman Muaj më parë
Christopher Columbus discovered what was to be called America and also proved that the world was round
thanks for posting this i learned a lot
J Vino
J Vino Muaj më parë
All people are indigenous
J Vino
J Vino Muaj më parë
@Kostya Loneman Yeah they are.
Kostya Loneman
Kostya Loneman Muaj më parë
No they aint
chloe blackburn
chloe blackburn Muaj më parë
Yay Houston!! and in racist ass Texas??! wow!!
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Muaj më parë
Vote American. Vote Biden 2020. A vote for Trump is a vote for racism.
Empress Macaron
Empress Macaron Muaj më parë
I'm part Shoshone here. Thanks for posting.
Aloysius Neumeyer
Aloysius Neumeyer Muaj më parë
Christopher Columbus was Jewish do your research
Mario B
Mario B Muaj më parë
Happy Columbus day the day Christopher Columbus sail the blue ocean.
CozyCabin187 Muaj më parë
You don’t need to replace a holiday, why don’t they just make another soy for the holiday to fall on?
Derrick J
Derrick J Muaj më parë
Because it’s not really about “equality”. It’s about destroying America from the inside out.
Peter Fontaine
Peter Fontaine Muaj më parë
What a load of crap Hero taken down by loser that cheated there way into office. What have they does to this city but devide everyone
Sam Hill
Sam Hill Muaj më parë
Defund Biden / Harris.
C R Muaj më parë
Being Cherokee, Apache and Spaniard. I thank you.
barium10 Muaj më parë
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