Here's a recap of the news for Monday, Oct. 26

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This is the news made for you and your post-7 a.m. alarm!

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According to Mandavilli, many coronavirus tests have fairly high cycle thresholds, with most set at 40 and some set at 37. That means a number of patients who aren't carrying much of the new coronavirus are still testing positive, even though they may not be contagious, Mandavilli reports. Mina explained that tests with high cycle thresholds could be detecting genetic fragments of the virus, or pieces of the virus that are leftover from a previous infection that don't pose any current transmission risk. Juliet Morrison, a virologist at the University of California-Riverside, said she believes any test with a cycle threshold over 35 is too sensitive. "I'm shocked that people would think that 40 could represent a positive," she said. And according to Mandavilli, a review conducted by the New York Times of three sets of coronavirus testing data from Massachusetts, Nevada, and New York found that up to 90% of patients in those data sets who tested positive for the coronavirus had very low viral loads.
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I don’t mind the 15 second ads interrupting the news.
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Oh so sorry for the family...praying for them...and the 14 year old son of the man who was driving
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Drunk drivers must pay for there actions.. Hands to face
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Why do tv stations have to boast about getting the scoop on a story? We don't care and it is annoying. All the stations in Houston are on the same team serving this community. There are some major stories I have to hear about from co workers who heard about it on one of the other stations. Now browse all the Houston news stations to get a COMPLETE news report. Voting from space......yeah I don't think that should count you aren't even in the vicinity of the atmosphere of the planet.
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