Texans Fall to the Vikings 31-23 - The No Layups Crew Recaps the Game

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ABC13 Houston

2 muaj më parë

David and Raheel react to the Texans starting 0-4 on the season after they fall to the Vikings 31-23. They'll also take your comments and reactions!

Daniel Block
Daniel Block Muaj më parë
The texans suck literally they are worried over ultimate tag or subway commercials and kneel or not come out for anthem that equals jj watt! Whole team is trash! O brien was not just booed for kneeling it goes back since january! That's my Texans hate sorry but lots of it stems from it thensome! Thats why! 1000% why!!!
ii a
ii a Muaj më parë
We didn't even practice! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Church Age Gospel
The Church Age Gospel Muaj më parë
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DaRion Logan
DaRion Logan Muaj më parë
I’ll say it again billy gotta go
jlserna11 Muaj më parë
this locker room is broken O’Brien has not just lost the game but also the locker room
Benty Baroon
Benty Baroon Muaj më parë
Just quit. Quit!
Raul Aguirre
Raul Aguirre Muaj më parë
Houston Texans will be ended up in the pro football hall of fame in canton
JossT1990 Muaj më parë
10 is gone, he covered up all the flaws this team had through the years & Sorry Coleman bro but O’Brien has had Watson for 4 yrs and Watson looked his best in 2017. He hasn’t progressed..... this HC has made him stagnate. Billy O has got to GO!!!
Gabriel Ramos
Gabriel Ramos Muaj më parë
The Texans needs new owner coaches and better management when the Jones family to take over the Bad News Texans
langston hunter
langston hunter Muaj më parë
When is the ownership of the Texans going to get fire O'Brien? He can't put the blame on the players, HE is the PROBLEM, ALWAYS HAS BEEN !! Fire his sorry ass.
Victor Ayala
Victor Ayala Muaj më parë
The season is over. Even if they go undefeated from here on out, the Texans will lose in the playoffs in embarrassing fashion.
Sincere Solidarity
Sincere Solidarity Muaj më parë
This season sucks! When somebody is going to do something? It seems that nobody has the balls to fire O'Brien! Or worse,nobody cares,they just want to sit back and drink margaritas and count the money coming in. But I tell you what,that money is going to start to dry up,little by little. Because nobody is going to keep spending to see a team lose and the fans are going to lose interest and then what are you going to do?
Daniel Block
Daniel Block Muaj më parë
Is anyone stopping the texans own hypocrisy!! 8 guys dissing my flag dont piss on flag as long you dont piss on me my grandpa said that.
Sincere Solidarity
Sincere Solidarity Muaj më parë
@Infinit 0 Newsflash! O'Brien is gone!!! Yay!😊
Sincere Solidarity
Sincere Solidarity Muaj më parë
@jaklin hyde I think the writing is on the wall and it says "you're time is up,O'Brien!" Let's stop beating a dead horse and do what needs to be done!
jaklin hyde
jaklin hyde Muaj më parë
@Sincere Solidarity mann I would hate for that to happen but I think Deshaun needs to have a Jared Goff moment because after the coaching staff changed with the rams they were in the super bowl in no time
Sincere Solidarity
Sincere Solidarity Muaj më parë
@jaklin hyde It appears that you're right!
COD GOD Muaj më parë
Deshaun just wants a new coach
birdman3003 Muaj më parë
#BillyTaggart let that sink in
joe black
joe black Muaj më parë
Texans are the new browns.
Fitz Fitzgerald
Fitz Fitzgerald Muaj më parë
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Guy Singleton
Guy Singleton Muaj më parë
WHAT happened to the TEXANS 🤔🤔
JossT1990 Muaj më parë
Bob McNair didn’t pull out.....
Guy Singleton
Guy Singleton Muaj më parë
How ABOUT those COWGIRLS 😀😁😀😁😣😂😁😂😁😀😂😣😁😀😂
Jay Muaj më parë
We suck. OB is a duck. Messing DW4 career up. All of the players look confused like they’re trying to lose. & last but not least those dumbass moves 🥴😭
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